Calendar View (Associate with Timeline)

Calendar View (Associate with Timeline)

Calendar View has been enhanced with a new look. This now illustrates the progress and timeline of your task by Months or weeks depending on your setting. This video will show you how to activate your calendar view and customize your data with purposes.

Integrate Slack into UpDiagram

To optimize the productivity in management and collaboration during the project, UpDiagram supports Slack integration feature. This video will show how to create workspace on Slack, how to integrate it and How it works.

Timeline for Project

Timeline is one of the features in Custom Fields to help users illustrate the due date of the tasks during the project running. It is very simple to set up for your project and this video will show you how to do that. Moreover, there will be more videos to mention and introduce a new feature that directly connects with the Timeline.


It is important to upload files/image for your project so that users can visualize their plan or issues to the whole team. A deeper insight of images will simplify the effort of describing by word. This video helps you manage your attachment file better. Note: Image files are shown better with Kanban Board/Board View.

Set up Custom Views

Users  set up what should be shown on the project so that users can easily manage their tasks. Currently, Custom View suitable to change the view of the Kanban Board and Calendar view. This video will show how to change and how the stats appear after changes.

Set up Custom Fields

Instruction of how to set up the Custom Fields (Column) và usage of types of value for different purposes.

Drag & Drop Items

Drag&drop helps users easily move their items and arrange orders based on their purpose during managing the project. Simple and Fast. Let’s see how it works.

Leave Comments – UpDiagram Short Guide video

To maximize the collaboration, we support the feature where you can leave your comments on each item. You can set public or private comments for your purposes to communicate with your team better. Public Comments help you show all feedback to your team, whilst Private Comments is only visible for the person who leaves the comment.

Create project from templates

Instead of creating an empty project, you can use the template to create a new one with all stats. By click on “Uses Templates”, you make it become yours and do anything you want. How to do that?  Watch this video!

Project From Scratch

There are two ways for you to create your project. If you have your own planning project and you know you want to have in the project, you can create a new one from scratch which means an empty one.