project management concept with gantt chart, business schedule on virtual screen of computer
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What is Time Tracking? Benefits and how to use it effectively

For professional project managers, every second(s) of tasks counts in money. So tracking and calculating time is always something they are concerned about. In fact, there are many ways to keep track of time. In the past, they used manual recording methods to keep track of time, in modern times they apply computer science technologies to record time. The trend of using project management tools is increasing, and it is great if a project management software has a time tracking function.


project management concept with gantt chart, business schedule on virtual screen of computer

Time Tracking solution for time calculation

Time is an abstract concept, colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Humans cannot “touch” it, but with the need to know the time, people from ancient times have created many different tools, with the purpose of calculating time: hourglass, using writing paper time,…  

Instrument diagrams are no longer suitable for track time, so with the trend of technology, project managers have launched Time Tracking, as a completely new way to track the flow of time 

It is a kind of computer software function that allows employees to track and record the time it takes to complete a task. This feature is used in many different industries, including freelancers and hourly workers. You can also understand that Time Tracking is like an automatic stopwatch, helping the home. Management and project members are more active in their work. It will record the start time and end time, then give a time, that is the plan the result of the whole recording process (calculated by the end time minus the start time). 

For large, professional projects, a stopwatch will be a useless item. Continue reading the blog to see how Time Tracking will be for project management?

Applying Time Tracking function to project management software Project

Managers always face headaches with time management of small tasks, as well as staff time. But with Time Tracking, everything is optimized: 

  1. Time will be tracked specifically, making work progress not delayed
  2. Each person will have a different “charging source” of time, clearly each employee.

Because of the optimal ability and efficiency that Time Tracking brings, the management software all possesses this function in their group of time functions. Realizing that efficiency and necessity, the UpDiagram development team. A new generation project management tool, has launched the Time Tracking function in each session management tool with that function. 

Management software will optimize the process of calculating the time of your tasks (start – end), this software will give you data such as total, average,. .. the time when performing tasks. The manager will rely on that to calculate the cost for the whole project. In addition, time tracking will integrate with automation technology when used on the tool. Helping to solve work faster, clearer, and more efficiently.

The German proverb says “We need to go with the time, not let the time pass”, this is also the motivation for UpDiagram to develop the Time Tracking function. Users will be able to see the passage of time, helping managers to:

  1. Track details of work completion time
  2. Amount of time worked for employees
  3. It easily costs working time
  4. Create multiple Sessions for complex tasks
  5. Flexible to customize the time


time tracking
The biggest value that Time Tracking brings is the monetary value. Because for a project manager, the time of tasks can be converted into money. For a human resource manager – an employee’s working time is a whole month’s salary… If time don’t track properly accurately as well as reasonable calculation, which can lead to waste for the manager. In addition to Time Tracking, UpDiagram also has a lot of functions to support through the time flow manager such as Due date – for important dates for those tasks, Timeline helps users to clearly see the progress of tasks. … 

It is currently a hot and trending function of project management software. It will not be too difficult to find this function in the management tools. But for the Time Tracking function to resonate with other functions such as Due date, Timeline,… is still quite a few. Contact or book a demo with UpDiagram to learn more about the group of time management functions.

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