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Import project from Trello

This video instructs you on how to Import project from Trello. This feature is also free for all users. UpDiagram will help you.

Import your Trello project into UpDiagram

Only Admin and Member in a Trello project can import project into UpDiagram.

Step 1Log in to your UpDiagram account. Then, select Add project >>> Import Project. 🙌 

Step 2:  select import your Trello project to UpDiagram

Import Trello Step 2

Step 3:  The interface will provide you with general information regarding UpDiagram and Trello. You must choose to Allow for that projects import.

Import Trello Step 3

Step 4: UpDiagram will list all available projects on the platform; all you have to do now is choose the project you want to import.

Import Trello Step 4

Step 5: You need to input some basic data to make your project on UpDiagram clearer (image cover, name, description) and select SAVE.

Import Trello Step 5

Step 6: Map user

Import Trello Step 6

You may connect an UpDiagram user to another user in a Trello project (enter email address to link).
Note: Please keep in mind that only users in your Trello project may be linked to UpDiagram users.

Step 7: Finally, users must confirm the project import.

It’s that simple, right? With just clicks and clicks, you can integrate Trello easily. Details can found in the video. Good luck with your project input!

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