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Package actions

UpDiagram allows users to have multiple packages in a project. Creating comfort in the management space and optimizing work.

Adding a new package

There are 2 ways for you to add new package

Add a new package
1. The first way
  • Click on “New Package” then input the name, description ,mark as default (it you want) change the color and click “Save”
2. The second way
  • Go to Setting and choose “Packages”
  • Click on “Create new package” and input information as the first way

Set up Default package

set up default package

You can set the default package in the package process or Go to Settings and choose “Packages” and click on “Mark as default”.

Archived/Unarchived – Delete

1. Archived/Unarchived

Allows users to sort out some used packages, but UpDiagram won’t completely delete it, you can still restore it if you want.

Go to Settings and choose “Packages” and click on “Archived” for active packages or click “Share to active” to unarchived packages.

2. Delete

Clean up projects you no longer use. Be sure that the deleted package cannot be restored.

Note: you can only delete archived packages by clicking on “Delete”

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