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Navigating UpDiagram

In this section we will show you the overview of UpDiagram page after you log in from the homepage.


UpDiagram's interface

UpDiagram’s interface is divided into 3 areas:

  • Sidebar – access User Dashboard, Projects, People and Templates
  • Top bar – access Search, In-app Notification, Profile and Language setting
  • Main pane – display details of sidebar


1. User Dashboard
user dashboard

From User Dashboard, you can:

  • View your total items
  • View your task completion rate
  • View your workload
  • View the table of your work, including project name, item name and due date
  • View your calendar and item charts based on due date
  • View the chart for work completion and incompletion
2. Projects
sidebar projects

From Projects, you can:

  • Add new project
  • View all projects
  • View active projects
  • View favorite projects
  • View archive projects
  • Sort by recent use
  • Sort by alphanumeric
  • View project name
  • View created date
  • View updated date
  • View active and total packages

From each project, you can:

  • View creator
  • View members
  • View details
  • Share the project
  • Duplicate, archive, delete project
  • Add to favorite
project general information
3. People

From People, you can:

  • View all people that you have collaborated in your own projects.
  • View your invitations for members
4. Templates

From Templates, you can:

  • View all the templates related to business, content production, HR & Recruitment, software development and so on.

Top bar

top bar
1. Search

From Search, you can:

  • Search a project by its name
2. Profile

From Profile, you can:

  • View and edit your profile
  • Log out of UpDiagram
3. Language setting

From Language setting, you can:

  • Change your language. UpDiagram currently supports 2 languages: English and Vietnamese

Main pane

From main pane, you can:

  • View the details of User Dashboard
  • View the details of Projects
  • View the details of People
  • View the details of Templates
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