Project management - Task management: thinking that one but two
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Project management and Task management: thinking that one but two

It can be a big mistake for young managers when the two terms “project management” and “task management” have different meanings and are nearly identical and both manage using collaborative tools. To understand the difference and choose the right management tool, the following article will shed light on it.

 Project management - Task management: thinking that one but two

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What is Project Management?


There are many analyzes and concepts of project management. But most simply and rightly, it’s a long process with a lot of work inside and coordinated by someone called a project manager. The manager will clearly define expectations and milestones, from which decisions will be made. Today, although software science develops, managers still have an extremely important role, project management software is an important factor that managers must grasp, because it can help them achieve their goals. Specific goals have been set.


“Accountability, transparency, and traceability are the most important advantages of good project management and using the right tools.” – Joël St-Pierre, Head of PMO.


Manage specific projects with one software, you can:

  1. A digital work environment, catch up with the times
  2. Set goals for tasks with time features Time
  3. Define, build project plans with views such as kanban, grid, mindmap, calendar
  4. Capture information about employees as well as project participants, and more.

What is Task Management?


Work management is understood as a management process that helps businesses control the “water flow” of work, regardless of whether it is an ongoing project or processor that has been and is about to happen, from the usual task complex task sequences.


Task managers need to ensure clarity and transparency among team members, with the main goal being to help them get the job done quickly. And do you know if you have a task management tool, you can allocate staff and control the workflow, ensuring that the amount of information is always complete with no shortage or overload? Project progress will improve and more efficient than ever.


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A task management tool will give you:

  1. Manage budgets, revenue, and expenditure of each task
  2. Track the details in the work
  3. No fear of time pressure and time problems
  4. Easily increase the speed of planning


Project and work management: both need software support to optimize


Task management and management The project needs to support with features from personnel to different large and small tasks. Digital transformation software allows your project team to work together on the same platform. Combined with task management and project management features, the software helps you with project planning and can coordinate work remotely. Management software will be an effective support in managing projects in general and jobs in particular. Plus, a task management tool gives your team an overview of how individual projects are related.


work view

Work view UpDiagram


The right software for project management and task management


With an increasing workload, management will balance when you use the supporting software. Work-life balance is always the top concern of everyone. In the multitude of software that can solve that problem, UpDiagram is a very suitable choice. With features such as:


– Various work view modes (Kanban, Grid, Calendar, Mindmap)

– Various data fields: images, text, list, checkbox, date, progress, formulas math

– Import data from available projects from Trello, Assembla, JiraExcel,…

– Integrate other applications such as Microsoft Team, Slack, Rocket, Zalo,…

– Email and In-app notification for project activities

– Delegating, assigning tasks, and managing members

– Tracking activity history, integrated active directory

– Setting up the internal environment

– Functional and agile with all management needs

However, UpDiagram has a completely low price, compared to other software. UpDiagram will help managers grow and elevate their projects millions of times due to their flexibility, being able to manage each task while managing a series of other large projects.

Contact us to get special offers and join UpDiagram’s Partner program.

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