Image of a man tired of not having a balance between work and life
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How to balance your life and work?

Balance is to manage things without any conflict. In other words, you have a balanced life means that your work is set up in a reasonable time to work and there is no detrimental impact on your routine. No matter are you a CEO, manager or even an employee, It is adverse to ignore life in pursuit of work. Therefore, balance in work and life has always been in question.
 Image of a man tired of not having a balance between work and life

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash


In modern life, choosing a job that provides the employees with a work-life balance is the number one priority. Thus, the wellbeing and happiness in working environment are very essential for the organization to create and attract employees to engage their work actively.


How to balance your life and work?

In your work life, there have always been thousands of things to do, but you need to realize which ones are the most important and need to achieve first. Additionally, your purpose that in priorities should be realistic to save time and effort to pursue.


1. Set and follow up the rule

To get the goals, you need to plan what you should do. However, you cannot complete all those things if you do not have the rule to follow up on the plan and needed actions for your goal. Furthermore, the rule of defining where you are what you should do for each period of time is important. If you are at home, you should throw all the work away from your mind. Instead, Let’s pay your attention to your home, your family and yourself. In contrast, If you are in working time, do it with all your own effort.


2. Work smart, not harder

Have you ever heard the story of recruitment from Bill Gates?

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” – Bill Gates


Picture of a man planning for work

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Less working does not mean less productivity. It is believed that one can work efficiently and equally for fewer hours. In fact, for the officer, working for a long time in front of the computers may adversely impact on their eyes and concentration. That is why working for fewer hours illustrate more effectiveness.


3. Ask help when needs

 Image of a man guiding a woman's work

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

You are not the hero to cover everything and do it alone. In the case of the large scale of work, sharing the tasks will reduce the stress and help you control the process timely.


4. Time management

Apart from one the skill of a manager or employee, time management can also facilitate your work and life. Indeed, there is no need to concern what we should next and how long it takes for your task if everything is established and the time for each is estimated. There is no guarantee to complete all tasks, but you can keep track of those and give the solution in time.


5. Hobbies

Everyone has at least one hobby to do. If you do what you enjoy, life will be more meaningful and relaxing. Instead of complaining about what your job affects your hobby, You should make your hobby become a motivation and energy to work productively.


6. Choose the right habit of working
 The metaphorical image of the right habit of working

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash


Each person has a different ability and working style. Most of the productive people have many things to do, but it doesn’t mean that they are good at multitasking. In fact, they well organize what they need to do one by one at a time wisely.


In conclusion, here are some simple tips to have a special work-life balance. However, we hope you can find out the best way that fits your style to address all those struggles in your whole life.

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