Effective meeting management techniques
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Tips to run effective meeting

When working in an organization, every company member will have to participate in meetings at least once during their working life. Most employees have to spend hours on meetings and sometimes feel that they do not play an important role in that meeting. The effective meeting is not the responsibility of an individual. In fact, every participant has to contribute to the meeting by sharing ideas, listening and debating to reach the sophisticated decision. However, the solution should be conducted by the holder with these tips to run the meeting with the most effectiveness.
 Effective meeting management techniques

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1. Meeting Agenda and content

Structuring Meeting Agendas and Content for Productive Discussions

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All meetings need agenda. Teams achieve their goals and consensus points of views through having a clear agenda before the meeting. If the meeting does not have an agenda, it will make the members misleading and do not know where to focus. The meeting agenda can be very practical to save time and easier for members in monitoring the project progress.


All meetings end with the expected tasks to be done until the next meeting, and the list of jobs associate with the end date. It is very important to prepare the expected completion of the job as well as the list of to-do tasks assigned to each individual. Creating content to prepare for the next meeting will be easier to identify tasks for members to focus on.

2. The connection and participation

Generally, people think that everything will share in the meeting, but the truth is not. The meeting is the time that every member has a discussion and contribution to the project. This will take time to share thousands of data from each person in the meeting. Instead, the holders should share and synthesize the data before the meeting so that everyone knows what we gain and fail in the project. The real-time of the meeting now is only for discussing and finding out the solution for the failure. The more discussion, the more connection.

 Fostering Engagement and Active Participation in Meetings

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In other words, the connection can encourage them to participate due to being aware of the purpose of the meeting. When they understand the reason for the meeting, every member can lead the discussion without being assigned by holders. In fact, participation is only available when the members are into the meeting and can comprehend everything about the meeting.


3. Note taker & time keeper

The Role of Note-Taking and Timekeeping in Effective Meetings

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Another important factor for an effective meeting is the note taker who notes the meeting minutes. This is the person who will record all exchanges and discussion such as how the previous work has been conducted and what the future work will look like. It’s easy to forget all the information after the meeting, so notes are necessary. There are many ways to record meeting minutes such as recording on paper, laptop… as a reference and reminder for the next meeting.


Moreover, each topic in the meeting should be directed to a specific time to avoid reporting and exchanging rambling issues. In other words, this prevents the situation of running out of time, but the issue has not been solved.

4. Interactive Activities

Engaging Exercises

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The friendly atmosphere in the meeting could also enhance the effectiveness of the meeting. However, How to add fun activities without wasting the time of the meeting. There are many ways to do that. Sharing stories or problems in a funny way could support to start the conversation easily and encourage more participants. Furthermore, the meeting can get off to an energetic and productive start by some games before starting the meeting or in the break time including seating switch-up, Roll call, Balloon Toss, and so on. The award for the weekly MVP in the meeting can also create a fun and competitive environment. The engagement and participation of all members are maximized as well.


The organization can spend billions of dollars to pay people who just sit in meetings. Therefore, the task of the manager is to ensure the effectiveness of the meeting as well as cover the role of each individual when participating in that meeting. Hopefully, the above tips will partly help readers have an effective and quality meeting.

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