Free but super handy construction management software you should know
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Free but functional construction management software

A construction project has many interrelated jobs, many work parts. If traditional management or using spreadsheets can become overwhelming, even for the most skilled construction project managers, the manager must have a mind as well as superior management skills redundant. Because with the amount of work to manage such as bids, project proposals, tracking budgets, solving work problems, and scheduling resources,…

 Free but super handy construction management software you should know

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Using software management? Why not


With the number of construction jobs and projects increasing day by day, should you use pen and paper, a spreadsheet, or some other outdated method? Are not. Try out free construction management software instead to manage your project workloads, which in addition to improved work efficiency can help save huge amounts of money.


Construction management software brings convenience because it can help you carry out construction projects anywhere and anytime. The software also allows you to manage RFI, project progress, budgets, dependencies, documents, workforce, and more. An efficient software will provide complete visibility into work progress, work status, as well as available resources to help ensure your projects are completed on time.


The following article is the most objective look for the best free construction management software. Each tool has an overall evaluation with the desire to bring the best experience to users, choosing the tool you think is most suitable for the project you are pursuing.


1. UpDiagram – the new breeze of project management software


Why say UpDiagram is the new wind? Simply because UpDiagram brings improvements and changes in construction project management. If other software shows only one work view, UpDiagram provides up to four different types of work views for different needs.


With UpDiagram’s free plan, you can fully experience its features, but if you have to pay, this cost falls into the low-cost software group for the current management software market. Cheap but not useless, UpDiagram has a multitude of functions that are considered optimal for the management process.


– Do many issues need to be addressed in the project? Don’t worry because UpDiagram has a variety of data fields: images, text, lists, checkboxes, dates, progress, to calculation formulas


– Fear of re-entering projects when changing software? Don’t worry because UpDiagram has Project Input available from Trello, Assembla, JiraExcel,… Integrate other applications such as Microsoft team, Slack, Rocket, Zalo,…


– Human resource management? It’s simple when UpDiagram has the function of Delegating, assigning tasks and managing members, keeping track of activity history, integrating active directory, setting up the internal environment. Custom functions for personal purposes will be discussed further. Contact us to get special offers and join UpDiagram’s Partner program.


2. ClickUp


Along with UpDiagram, ClickUp is currently one of the software of the part to support work operations in general and construction project management in particular. This application is highly appreciated by both users and experts in various fields. Owning a simple, friendly interface, the software is also inexpensive with many special tools.


Some of the outstanding features mentioned of ClickUp include:

– Automation features that allow users to connect different tasks.

– Offline mode that allows users to quickly and easily create and view tasks without the internet

– Basic features such as: tracking work progress, sharing content, setting reminders, timer, Mindmap, integration

– Gantt chart, statistics, detailed work report.


3. Fieldwire


Fieldwire enables your entire construction project team to be brought together, from project manager to specialist contractor manager, on one construction management platform. Make it easy for anyone to view their drawings, schedule work, and keep track of their to-do lists while they’re on the job site.


Construction management is hard, but Fieldwire is easy to deploy, understand, and use. It combines the fastest blueprint viewer on the market with a powerful task management tool, saving everyone time both on the job site and in the office. It’s so easy to use that anyone from a foreman to a project manager can get it up and running in minutes, even on a large project. Some basic features:

– Offline mode

– Selective projects

– Synchronization of the blueprint


4. Methvin


This is software with project management and estimation capabilities specifically designed for the construction industry. Methvin makes your job significantly easier; Estimate and measure projects, publish bidding plans and make comparisons, and help manage construction project management in a manager’s style. The software supports quite well the working process of project members, clarifying the roles of project participants. Some basic features Methvin:


– Audit Trail

– Various manageable and customizable templates

– Historical Database


– Estimates Plumbing

– Estimates Project Management

– Reporting / Analysis

– Subcontracting Management

– What / If Analysis


Work taking care of the project is never easy when you have too many things to take care of, so accompanying a friend, in other words, owning a management software. The above is the software that got high rates on the review sites for today’s management software, an effective project when finding an appropriate software.

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