Prominent project management methodologies to leverage
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Popular project management methods to exploit

When entrusted to manage many different projects, although those projects have different tasks, they can be intertwined, it is indeed a difficulty. So now you will need a method that is suitable for project management.
 Prominent project management methodologies to leverage

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A very simple reason for using a project management method is to give it rigor, standardization, and ensure the project runs smoothly. It is very difficult to catch up with these projects “with bare hands”, so the appropriate management method will be an unnecessary choice.


What is the project management approach?


The methodology is understood as a system (simple, or complex) used to put something into a framework. So, according to The Project Management Institute, a project management methodology is “a system of practices, techniques, procedures, and rules used by people working in a field.”


Choosing the right methodology as well as the tools and project management team is important, as it will set you up for success before the project even begins. Take a basic example like this: you wouldn’t choose a repetitive, fast-paced project management method for large-scale, long-term projects, if you used those methods it won’t be flexible.


To do that, consider and consider the fundamentals of your project, and choose a method that ensures all of those fundamentals are in place, such as a project plan, keep up the meetings,…

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Factors related to project management that you should care about


As mentioned above, correctly identifying the basic elements of the project will contribute a significant part to the success of the project, for instance, basic Factors to be considered include:


  1. Project budget: how much money to maintain the project? How will revenue and expenditure management work? If you still have doubts, you can try to template this revenue and expenditure management.
  2. Timeline: when is the deadline for project work? You need to have a few good tips to save time.
  3. Objectives: What is the ultimate goal of the project and deliverables?
  4. Values: How are goals and values ​​always guaranteed? Understanding this will help project participants set different expectations (and help you hold team members accountable for their tasks).
  5. Complexity and scale: How complex or simple is this project?
  6. Flexibility: How flexible or rigid is this project and the ultimate goals, processes, deliverables, and expectations of the team or stakeholders?
  7. Project types and industries: Some methodologies will work best for certain industries and types of projects, such as highly innovative projects or product development sprints.
  8. Teamwork: Consider their team size, diversity, flexibility, personal experience and expertise or strengths and weaknesses, and their ability to collaborate and communicate when choosing a method.

Which project management method is good for you?


As the need for management is increasing day by day, methodologies appear as salvation for different needs. One too many different methods can be applied to the project or only one method is needed to manage the project. How much is not important, but suitable for the new project is important.


An effective methodology should be accompanied by an appropriate management tool

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Since every project is so different, there are many project management approaches to choose, from to support the different needs of projects and teams. There are so many methodologies that new ones might be in development while you’re reading this!


Some popular project management methodologies and the ones that best suit them


There are currently 6 very popular methodologies, with different functions, applied in many different large and small projects, creating a variety of “libraries” of project management methods.


1. Agile: Sprints enable flexible, fast, and short-lived collaboration

2. Scrum: Continuous and rapid development projects

3. Kanban: Visualize task progress for participating teams Date

4. Lean: Lean manufacturing or production saving is one of the modern management methods to streamline production. So, reduce waste in business, increase business efficiency

5. Waterfall: Apply Used for large-scale, end-goal-focused projects of a fixed nature

6. Hybrid: Use for flexible and fast-paced projects with structured plans


A good methodology needs to have a suitable management tool


Yes, a problem will be solved correctly when we apply the right formula to it. Project management is the same, to develop and ensure a successful project, good methods need an appropriate management tool. There are many tools on the market such as Trello, Jira, Basecamp, … used for management, each tool will have its advantages and disadvantages.

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Emerging from among the thousands of project management applications. UpDiagram is like a breath of new wind blowing the winds of technology, convenience, low cost, many incentives. And no cost gold special functions such as:


– Diversity data fields: images, text, lists, checkbox, date, schedule, until the formula to calculate

– Email and an in-app notification for project activities

– Decentralization, assign tasks, and manage members

– Track activity history

– Import data from projects available from Trello, Assembla, JiraExcel,…

– Integrate other applications such as Microsoft team, Slack, Rocket, Zalo,…

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