The basic steps to manage project management professionally
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Is it really difficult to manage projects professionally?

To become a professional project manager is very arduous, having to go through a process of studying and taking exams to achieve PMP certification. But the article below stands with a basic perspective, anyone can become a professional project manager. Here are the basic steps that you can learn.
 The basic steps to manage project management professionally

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1. Understand the project doing managed


Doing anything you should understand, grasp about this. And the same goes for management, to manage well, you need to be the person who knows the project best. By understanding the project, you will have the appropriate assignment of work, good management of personnel, and the progress of the work. UpDiagram provides some specialized templates for project management, professional and convenient.


Understand the goals of the project

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2. Ahead of the plan for the project


Planning will never be superfluous for project control. A clear plan will act as the right path for everyone to follow and get the job done. It supports managers to capture information as well as activities that will be and are happening in the project. That is manage projects professionally.


3. Motivating work with the art of praise – criticism


Tips to criticizing employees but don't hurt or offend them



You will find great benefits from commending employees when they do a good job. If the bonuses create financial motivation, then the commendation creates the spiritual motivation to promote the spirit of working more enthusiastically and creatively. If you criticize employees directly, harshly and with uncultured words, it will easily make them resentful and may abandon you. Therefore, when criticizing employees, administrators need to both punch and rub because they are still good employees by nature. You make them aware of their mistakes but don’t hurt or offend them so they try to correct them.


4. Always prepare contingency plans


When a new project is launched, there will always be certain risks that you can hardly foresee. Therefore, preparing more risk-based or drastic alternatives than arranging a dedicated crisis team, will be a wise move for a project manager. That is manage projects professionally.


5. Keep regular meeting

 Keep regular meeting is one of the ways to improve work efficiency

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These meetings are extremely practical for both the client and the project team. The manager will understand the requirements and wishes of the customer, to complete and develop the project. In addition, meetings will help the project be divided into specific timelines, helping managers to regulate work more easily.


6. Application of tools to support project management


For a long time, traditional management tools like excel and email have proven their power, making it easier to manage progress and information. However, under the influence of Industrial Revolution 4.0, these tools increasingly reveal many weaknesses and limitations. Therefore, the new trend of the management industry today is to apply a tool with outstanding features such as to help solve most of the management problems of enterprises when traditional tools are no longer available ability to meet.


It will not be too difficult if we always try to improve ourselves day by day. It’s the same with management if you always learn and improve with the tips above. However, all these tips will only stop at the theoretical level if you do not try to apply them to handle the problems encountered by the business. The success or failure of the project depends a lot on the pioneering role of a manager like you!


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