Human Resource Management
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Human Resource Management must-have template!

Sometimes things happen and it is hard to predict. The absence of a person could result in a pause in the whole process. Therefore, the absence notification must update to all relevant employers. It is also the reason why we come up with this template. The Human Resource manager can use it as a database to store all information of absent employees. All the information is also accessible by the rest of the employees to see, update information, and contact if any emergency happens.
  Human Resource Management

It is important to keep an accurate record of sickness absences and keep track of the absence reason as well as how long they have been off so you will have a proper cover plan or determine if there is anything that needs to be adjusted. One more reason is that when looking at the absent pattern of a person. It helps you to understand more whether they have any mental or physical issues. That might affect their work attendance frequency or job efficiently to intervene as soon as possible.


And as you have already known, we are in the middle of a pandemic, absence record could come handy.

Here is how it works:


– Absence notification send to Human Resource Management (HRM) and then the manager updates the information on the template where everyone can check and updates.

– There is a note column for the employee to fill out how to work done. This column can also serve as notification of human resource manager’s cover plan for the absent employees.

– The contact column will include the contact number of the unavailable person or the cover person for other employees to contact if there are problems that need the absent person insights.

– Information about which department they are in also listed out, which you can easily see in both grid view and board view.

– Calendar view is another way to have a general view of who will absent in the month.

– The data can also be exported for report and information storage


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