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Best Project Management Software for Nonprofits

These affordable project management tools will help you organize your campaigns in a convenient yet professional way business, so what are those softwares? Let’s find out some project management software for nonprofits together.

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Nonprofits use project management software to manage ongoing campaigns, decentralizing volunteers and donors. Adopting a project management tool will help you better manage your tasks from start to finish, helping more projects to be completed on time and always on budget.


1. ClickUp 


ClickUp is a project management software with features to help plan, organize and collaborate. ClickUp’s platform includes functions such as: periodic checklists and quick table views that aid in process, time, and task management efforts.


With ClickUp, your nonprofit can track corporate donations and grants and use that data to generate reports, with transparency, for donors. You can also use their forms feature for free. Your team can also create tasks, assign volunteers, and use the calendar view to set schedules. In addition, ClickUp’s time tracking feature helps to catalog volunteers who have worked and how long it took them to complete the work. Finally, ClickUp offers discounts to nonprofits that use their tool.


2. Evernote Teams


Evernote Business helps your teams work together. Create documents, collaborate on projects, and store information in one place. Teammates can access, edit, upload, and share notes and files from any device – even when they’re offline. Avoid annoying arguments and quickly find the information you need with powerful search capabilities that integrate with the tools you already use.


From work charts and project trackers to business plans, Evernote comes with a library of templates to give your team a head start. Evernote’s “spaces” feature acts as a virtual meeting room, and it even includes a digital bulletin board. You can create spaces for different projects so volunteers know where to look for updates and assignments.


3. Jira


Jira is an issue tracking and task management tool, built with comprehensive features to facilitate collaboration and project execution. In addition to project management and reporting features, this tool also comes with a free plan with many incentives, so your nonprofit can go on a budget while using it.


Jira’s automation allows you to create if-then rules so that when an action occurs. Your team is automatically prompted to take the next action. Jira’s no-code automation tool enables teams to save time and power by automating any task or process with a few clicks.


With Jira, your team can visualize their to-do list in the way that works best for them: the platform can present projects through a Kanban board, calendar, timeline, or list. Additionally, Jira comes with over 25 project templates including templates for event planning, budget creation, campaign planning, and task tracking.


4. UpDiagram


Among the many project management tools. UpDiagram stands out as a trusted “friend” for trusting and delegating management responsibility to a friend that UpDiagram wouldn’t want.


Attentive: extremely feature-packed, seems to have all the basic management capabilities. For example, some functions such as:

  1. Various data fields: images, text, list, checkbox, date, progress, to calculation formulas
  2. Importing data from the project is available from Trello, Assembla, JiraExcel,…
  3. Integrating other applications such as Microsoft team, Slack, Rocket, Zalo,…
  4. Email and In-app notification for project activities
  5. Decentralization, assigning tasks, and managing members
  6. Save calendar operational
  7. Integration of Active Directory
  8. Installation internal environment


Enthusiasm: with a customer care department that always gives its best support when users have difficulties. “A library” of information from many social networking platforms: FacebookLinkedinTwitterYoutubeBlog.


Understanding: suitable and worthy for non-profit organizations as well as startups, SMEs. Because UpDiagram costs from cheap to free and there are promotions throughout the use process.


Project management is easy or difficult depending on whether you know how to apply management software to your project program or not? Choose software that suits the needs and nature of your business or organization.

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