Essential Tools for Remote Work Productivity
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Tips for effective WFH with tools

The covid 19 pandemics appeared in the winter days of December 2019 so far. At the same time, the difficult problems that covid brings are not only the continuously increasing number of cases, the stagnation of education, etc. But the most serious is the “lockdown” period because of the pandemic. So businesses have allowed their employees to “work from home” with tools, but there is one shortcoming to this working model, which is how to be effective.
 Essential Tools for Remote Work Productivity

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1. Maintain meetings – WFH with tools


No more going to work, no more coffee meetings with colleagues is sad, but we still have to keep an optimistic spirit. If it is not possible to meet colleagues directly, we can try using tools such as zoom, google meeting, skype, lifesize,… Meeting through tools will help colleagues talk to each other. They can confide, exchange and deploy work better. Any problems will be better resolved by phone calls instead of text messages.


Tools for meeting when work form home

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2. Choose the right tools for this “WFH” season


When geographical distance is the cause that affects the communication and problem-solving in the project, problems arise such as difficulties in management and administration, staff, or disorientation due to problems, because your project management is not good… then think about using technology in management.


It will be the right choice to have “a friend” to share the work with during this “work from home” season. Some tools such as Excel, Misa Amis,… to manage tasks from home, family,… in addition, there is also the UpDiagram tool, which is often chosen by professional managers to manage projects. Projects large and small, for example:

– Business: risk management, inventory management, etc.

– HR & Recruitment: manage absences, track candidates, etc.

– Marketing: SEO word lists, product development, etc.


With a range of project management templates customized to meet the distinct requirements of every business, UpDiagram ensures users a genuine, gratifying, and fulfilling experience. Explore our collection of professional project management templates to find the ideal solution. Click here for professional project management templates.

3. Care about spiritual life


A few positive songs in the morning will make for a great day at work. Some applications can choose music for work such as youtube, Spotify,… Not only that, but different music streams will support your work in a different direction.

– Classical music helps relax, relieve stress

– Ethnic instrumental songs help improve learning, memorization, and concentration

– Music without lyrics helps to pace the work with fluency

– Electronic music is suitable to listen to early in the morning, for confidence and energy

– Pop music for data entry jobs


4. Create a habit of rest and exercise


Just like working at the office, even if you work from home, you still have to have your golden hours to rest. The two main breaks during the day are the lunch break and the end of the working day. In addition, each individual can have additional small breaks for themselves such as 15 minutes to drink more water or eat a piece of cake or fruit. If you know how to combine work and rest together most scientifically, it will help increase work efficiency.


Not only do we need a scientific rest period, but we also need physical exercises to start the “machine” to work. Good health is shown in flexibility, strength. To get that health we need to have exercises for the body such as neck muscles, arm muscles, and back,… and need initiative, and self-discipline in sports. Work cannot be completed well if the body is tired and lacks vitality.


Proper rest and exercise when have a small break when WFH

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Proper rest and exercise will help the body balance work and health. Significantly improve productivity. You can try using the UpDiagram tool to manage your daily rest and exercise habits.

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5. Limit distractions


Working from home with ideal conditions is certainly more comfortable than working at the office, but at the same time, it is also an environment that is easy to distract and distract. It is the biggest challenge of the day at home, in this “WFH” season. There are too many things around, things that are not related to work that will interest you: phones, televisions, neighbors,… and the mentality of always wanting to do a lot of things at the same time. This is extremely dangerous for the mind’s ability to concentrate, it can gradually form a bad habit and then it will be difficult to improve concentration.


To minimize distraction, the simplest thing is to plan specifically what you have to do during the day. Choose the right tools to survive WFH without being drowned out by distractions. Use a tool like UpDiagram to get yourself a proper timetable. With the ability to create a timeline, due date, and also the ability to notify by days, weeks, and each activity, make sure you can not be distracted or neglected work.

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