The Most Popular Calculators for Construction
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The Most Popular Calculators for Construction

Construction is a vast industry block, with many different career options but when you get into the construction business, chances are you do well more computational problems than construction. However, as a construction manager, you just have to deal with that. That’s also why you need dedicated calculators for construction. They are portable and, unlike conventional computers, are specially built to solve construction problems, performing a wide range of tasks from measuring to estimating materials. There are many different options on the “construction calculator” market.


The Most Popular Calculators for Construction

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What is the best way to identify the construction calculator?


Identifying the right calculator will help you quickly perform construction-related calculations. It is not too difficult to determine a good construction calculator. If a calculator can solve problems such as: how much paint is needed for a given area, what is the volume of an area, how steep is the slope, or how much material do you need for a certain part of a structure,…


Here are a few pocket calculators that you can refer to, not only that we will provide a type of machine novelty that you may be particularly interested in.


1. Construction Master Pro 


You will see products of Calculated Industries a few times in this list, as the company seems to be popular as well as dominate the construction computer market. Construction Master Pro is the company’s flagship model when it comes to general construction computers. This device includes a wide range of construction-related features. It has framing functions, which are meant to “solve problems of irregular and regular hip/valley and jack rafters plus rake walls and cut corners.”


Construction Master Pro


(Image via Calculated Industries)


But it’s not just for measurements. You can also use it to calculate how much material you need, the volume of a digging project, and even how many trucks you need. If you have trouble converting between feet, inches, decimals, and fractions, this calculator will help you out, and it can even convert distances and areas on scaled maps and drawings into lengths and areas.


Another feature is the tape “paperless” that lets you review the previous 20 entries so you can double-check your total for accuracy. There are other versions of this calculator, depending on your needs.


2. Jobber 6 Construction Calculators 


While it may look simple, don’t be quick to underestimate its power, as it can perform both basic and complex construction math, converting between your measurement units. The USA and the metric system.


If someone on Jobsitesite is staring at something, they looking at this computer, as the Jobber 6 has a color-coded keyboard and is grouped by the function of each button. Like Construction Master Pro, it can recall previous entries for accuracy checking, going back up to 16 entries with an additional six memory slots.


Jobber 6 Construction Calculator

(Image via Jobber 6)


This is a small device, weighing only 8 ounces and measuring only 5 and a half inches long. Jobber 6 is great for quickly calculating measurements for stairs, roofs, squares, and anything else on a job site. But you can quickly jump to more advanced calculations like trigonometry if needed. Interestingly, unlike other construction calculators, it offers a range of numbers from 0-15.


3. Materials Estimating Calculator


Many construction calculators have only a few functions for estimating materials. However, the Materials Estimating calculator focuses entirely on the task of calculating. Considering how much you can lose by estimating the wrong materials, this little yellow device can save you some money for calculation struggle.


Materials Estimating Calculator

(Image via Calculated Industries)


It has buttons labeled “Concrete”, “Gravel”, “Tile” and others so you can quickly perform calculations based on a specific material. This device helps you quickly and easily calculate all costs and allowances. You buy the right amount of materials no matter what the project. For example, you can use the calculator to determine the number of tiles. Then you can convert that number into yards, feet, inches, fractions, and meters – or even into square and cube format.



Project management software with the ability to directly integrate the Calculators for Construction


UpDiagram is one of the rare management software that can integrate calculation features into the project. The “Computation” function allows users to set different types of units ($, %, and optional units). As well another functions such as sum, average, min, max, count. Not only that, UpDiagram also has different management templates, of which the most prominent and widely used in the construction world is the “home improvement management” template – allowing to review, propose as well as calculate the projects. materials in the home improvement process. “Risk Management” – This project template helps users to track and share the status and potential risks of the project from all members. It is very important to help the manager keep up with the situation and support the members at the right time.


What’s more Calculators for Construction?


Not only that, but UpDiagram also has many basic functions of project management and countless incentives. But, the most prominent are also two ongoing programs, referral and especially Partnership with construction businesses. Build:


– No cost for Partner Program

– No need to care about pricing plans. In other words, partners can use existing functions for free

– Get support, 24/7 contribute to care, traibut hatnd provide specific solutions for each field

– Experience products Latest products and services from UpDiagram

– Contribute and propose to request specific functions for the partner’s own business

– Experience and use the functions required by partner/business


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