Task management software for people working from home
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Top tools that need for work while working from home

Since the pandemic appeared, working from home has always been a problem that everyone is facing. From civil servants, office workers to students, students also have to study and work from home. For that reason, the following tools and supplies will be essential for anyone to be able to maintain and develop their work even though they are working from home but still be productive.


Task management software for people working from home

Trends of working from home


Working from home, in fact, was not an unfamiliar keyword even before the pandemic took place. Because of the development and popularity of the Internet and technology. The recruitment of personnel or some companies that operate a remote working policy has been born and operated for a long time. It will not be difficult to see online job recruitment on international forums and also in Vietnam. Specifically, those who  work online at home are often called freelancers. A fairly common keyword in the field of Marketing, Desgin, and some other industries. However, working from home has only become the norm and will become mainstream when the pandemic breaks out.


In fact, the experience of working from home because of the epidemic opens a new door for businesses to have the opportunity to test employee productivity. This is a turning point for businesses to confidently change their working model to bring many benefits and conveniences while ensuring the quality of work.


Some benefits of working from home:


– Limit the risk of disease transmission. Because this is the original purpose of operating the work-from-home model of businesses.

– Cut down commuting time. For employees who are far away from the company, this will bring great benefits

– Reduce costs incurred such as parking, gas, food. When you’re at home, you don’t have to spend money on expensive food that don’t guarantee hygiene.

– Improved adaptability, management and remote working skill. At the same time, improve the ability to use project management tools (UpDiagram, Trello, Jira,…) and video call applications (Zoom, Skype,…).


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Top tools and essential items when working from home

Computer, laptops and phones


It is understandable when most officers have to work directly with computers. In other words, a computer is an inseparable object of any office worker because of its convenience. Specifically, tasks such as using management software, exchanging information, researching, composing documents, writing mail are all done on a single computer device. In addition, as mentioned above, using a video call application for online meetings like Zoom is inevitable when working from home. Therefore, computers act as weapons to help employees adapt to the challenges of working from home.


Besides, the phone is also considered an essential item. In terms of utility, no one can doubt that a smartphone packed with tons of features can run almost as much as a computer. However, the reason why mobile devices are so essential to work is that you can get information or work from anywhere.


Take a real-life example, you are exchanging information with a colleague, but suddenly there is a call to receive goods. Then you can have just received the goods and still be able to follow the discussion without depending on the computer or laptop.


On the other hand, when there is an urgent need for communication. But colleagues or customers do not always check your messages, or even, the Internet connection is not stable, then one phone will take care of it all. Apparently, it depends on how you use it.


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The Internet is a revolutionary invention that has changed almost all fields around the world. Therefore, the Internet is a bridge and a catalyst for smooth work. Indeed, the work you do requires an Internet connection to be able to interact and exchange information. Without the Internet, you will feel isolated because you cannot work or update work information. And it would be a disaster if you were in a meeting, but “lost your life” in the middle.This is probably the common feeling of anyone who is going through the period of working from home.

Strong internet settings are tips for better working from home


Therefore, the suggestion for you is to always make sure that you have enough money in your account and have the syntax to register for 4G networks. So that when needed you can quickly register and use it. At the same time, mobile devices can also share Internet capacity for computers and laptops. Again, the value of the phone is undeniable.


Working style


Why working style? In fact, people who work from home often have a maxim of whatever. That is, you can work anywhere, regardless of the bedroom or the living room. You can even work at any time or wear whatever you want. However, that behavior is a direct influence on work if you do not set rules for yourself.


Therefore, you should set some rules and habits when working.


– First of all, prepare yourself a comfortable and beautiful workspace. As a result, every day you will have a feeling of being stimulated to work, want to quickly sit at work and limit the feeling of boredom and lazy to work.


– Next, set a specific working time frame. The best time is similar to when you are working at the company to form the habit. At the same time, you should also choose and allocate tasks according to the time that you can focus on to ensure the best performance.


– Clothing is also something you should pay attention to when working from home. Have you ever thought the reason why we have to wear uniforms or wear clothes according to the company’s regulations? The answer is motivation. When we wear the prescribed clothes, we feel that we are in a serious environment, from which the ability to focus and the sense of responsibility will increase.


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Project and task management software


To easily track and capture project information, work progress and maintain interaction with members in the company, an online management tool will be your lifesaver. Basically, a software will integrate many features from task management, notifications, interaction, authorization or even connection with other applications to maximize work performance on one single tool. Thanks to that, you can also manage your work scientifically and save more time. Complicated processes can all be eliminated and working time is no longer an obstacle.


Specifically, with UpDiagram, a free project management software. Users can manage work from individuals to businesses with a variety of fields wherever they are. UpDiagram is also available on the web or mobile devices (Android and iOS). This will be one of the useful tools to eliminate the problems that any business faces.




The above are tools and items that help improve efficiency when working from home during the lockdown. Even with the trend and benefits of working from home, this model may still be maintained by businesses in the near future. For businesses looking for remote project and project management tools, UpDiagram will be a suitable one, especially for Startups or small and medium enterprises (SMEs). For a free solution consultation and further offers, please contact UpDiagram or via email support@updiagram.com.

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