Fixed assets and extremely effective management, do you know
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Fixed assets and extremely effective management, do you know

Any large or small business has assets that are considered fixed, it can be machinery and equipment. Assets here also include production machinery, stationery, and various other facilities. But it can be difficult to make sure everything is ok, so management software is very suitable for controlling fixed assets. Once those assets are tracked, businesses can focus on production.

 Fixed assets and extremely effective management, do you know

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The concept of fixed asset management software


Enterprises and companies will be supported to monitor, monitor and view fixed assets with an overview and objective view thanks to asset management software. Thereby, helping businesses save resources, personnel in charge, and operating costs. That is to say, all are optimized on a certain platform, the management space is reduced to one screen, simple, convenient, and extremely effective. New businesses will need management software like this to cut costs.


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The benefits are obvious


– Inventory and manage your assets with just one platform: No more sheets of paper, or thick stacks of paper. Now, the application of software makes it easy for businesses to quickly inventory and manage assets. That means we can automatically store all information and data about assets on the system.


– An unbiased view of the condition of the assets: Brings safety to the equipment by helping the person in charge to understand the performance, time, and usage of different types of assets. Make decisions if there is an overload in the equipment, avoiding unnecessary loss and wear.


– Decentralize access, increase security: Decentralization, limiting access to data will be performed optimally, ensuring that relevant people can access and process information quickly, easily.


Features that a good fixed asset management software will have


– Asset portfolio management on one system: It seems that all management software will have this function, it is considered the first standard. So, updating and classifying asset status over time, helping managers understand the asset categories on the software’s system.


– Manage the use of assets: This is a function that allows you to track information about who is using and using assets, keeping and supporting the overview of the process of allocating, withdrawing, reporting damage, and reporting the loss of an asset. Asset management software is responsible for you to look up, search for asset information by username, the department…


– Depreciation management: The management software will support calculation, allocation, and accounting. Depreciation according to the most up-to-date information of the asset. Help the person in charge to allocate depreciation to many objects such as (Total cost, cost,…).


– Property inspection and insurance information: Meets the criteria for planning, maintenance, inspection, and buying periodic insurance for the property.


UpDiagram fixed asset management software

Firstly, suitable for business needs

Each business will have a different size and management field, so UpDiagram has its support for special features if the business has a need. development demand. So, the software is suitable for different asset management needs, meeting the overall size of the business to bring the highest efficiency. With features such as:

– Various data fields: images, text, list, checkbox, date, progress, to calculation formulas
– Import data from projects available from Trello, Assembla, JiraExcel,…
– Integrating other applications such as Microsoft team, Slack, Rocket, Zalo,…
– Email and In-app notification for project activities
– Decentralization, assigning tasks, and managing members
– Keep track of activity history
– Integrated active directory

Secondly, its User-friendly interface, easy to use 

Management software like UpDiagram is very easy to use, user-friendly, and suitable for all audiences, and will help you save time and effort in the process. property inventory. Work view mode with 4 modes: kanban, grid, calendar, mindmap. Not only that, but users are also free to customize custom views. Therefore, UpDiagram is a quite suitable choice for businesses so that it does not take much effort and is more convenient in the process of use.

– Asset information management:

Refer to the diverse data fields, users can freely build asset management methods, and customize the asset information that they need to know with the ability to set up extremely simple. If you don’t want to, you can try management templates UpDiagram’s pre-made.

– Asset management – asset recovery:

The ability to decentralize will allow managers to see who is and has used fixed assets. Keeping track of activity history helps to fully update the history of asset allocation – recovery for individuals or departments, centrally on the software. And the due date function will remind the staff about asset recovery.

– Depreciation management:

UpDiagram supports automatic calculation, from simple to complex numbers for the depreciation cost of assets. Managers will not need to sit down to calculate each number, saving a lot of time.

Moreover, UpDiagram is completely free, as well as has many incentives when participating in use. Businesses also have the opportunity to participate in an extremely attractive partnership program.

To sum up, Asset and equipment management plays a particularly important role for every business, so a really good tool to manage it is also needy. UpDiagram with the criterion of becoming a business companion on every road, so it will be an extremely reasonable choice. For expert advice, leave an email with UpDiagram or contact directly for support. We will be with you every step of the way.

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