Ways to Improve Communication With Your Remote Teams
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Ways to Improve Communication With Your Remote Teams

Working remotely is the norm these days, all jobs seem to be completely digital. Remote workers say they feel alienated and abandoned because they don’t have time to meet face-to-face with their team, and a third of such employees say they don’t have time to meet. Disconnect directly with your group. As a result, distant colleagues say they feel isolated, find it difficult to communicate with colleagues, do not fight for their priorities, and change projects without informing them.


Understanding that concern, software companies apply advances from IT technology and produce countless collaboration software, optimizing communication quality, an area where many companies are in the WFH process. shortage.


Tips for enhancing communication of remote teams

1. Write and share documents with your team


Create written instructions that help others (e.g. your co-workers) better understand the work: when the work is due, suggestions, wishes for each task and how to contact you urgently when they need something.


It is with work, but personally, you can share basic information like: when you are most productive, what motivates you, why you are irritable. Remote teams cannot afford to guess how their colleagues think, feel, and work. Leaders encourage proactive communication within their teams. It works best when the structure has six parts:
  1. My style
  2. What I value
  3. What I don’t have patience for
  4. How to best communicate with me
  5. What people misunderstand about me
  6. How to help me


About Presentations work best when everyone on the team writes their own, and then shares them in a drive they can easily access. After you have collected brochures of people, use software with templates UpDiagram HR manager to organize specific group meetings where people share their documents.


2. Prioritize video calls


The lack of connectivity between remote teams is the reason for the distance between employees. Not being able to see someone’s face or body language interferes with communication and recognition of emotions and moods. So you need to prioritize meetings, weekly, daily, etc should be video calls.


This is especially true for problems of unavoidable risk. Whenever you need to meet to discuss missed goals, performance improvement plans, or similar topics, schedule a video call. In such cases, written notice is not sufficient to resolve the issue at hand. Your goal when using video is to generate as many face-to-face interactions as possible. When combined with clear written communication, you create psychological safety for your team.


All virtual meetings should be conducted the way you would in person:


  1. Get your core message across first
  2. Then clearly outline the next steps for your team
  3. If you have to deliver tough news, positively organize your message first
  4. Always end the meeting with time for questions and let everyone know where they can follow up live if needed

3. Use appropriate project management software


Currently, in the technology software market, there are many project management software available, but one important thing is that not all software will be suitable for work, company, and even for group communication even from far away. So, UpDiagram is a software that has the feature to leave comments in each task suitable for information exchange, the job description will also help you better understand it, and most importantly, the Email and In-app notification for project activities, extremely convenient when managers want to notify employees of the time of each task.


Not only that, but UpDiagram also has for itself many special and convenient features that create cohesion thanks to the feature of Delegation, assigning tasks, and managing members. There are also some functions such as:


  1. Number of project members 20 free versions (with unlimited support for Trial packages)
  2. Diverse work view modes (Kanban, Grid, Calendar, Mindmap)
  3. Diverse data fields: images, text, lists, checkboxes, dates, progress, formulas
  4. Input from the project is available from Trello, Assembla, JiraExcel,
  5. Integrate other applications such as Microsoft team, Slack, Rocket, Zalo,…
  6. Internal environment setting
  7. Function to create tables (table) to integrate multiple data tables into the same project, for example, to integrate a list of materials and tools to manage lists people,… in the common project is an apartment building project.


Communication is a basic human need, but with the current pandemic situation, communication seems to be quite a luxury issue. So, owning software that both manages good projects and creates an effective communication environment is not difficult because UpDiagram is available, a reliable companion for SMEs or startups, because the software has many advantages. deals and extremely “soft” prices. Contact for more details by email: support@updiagram.com and at Website.

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