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Platform for Construction Contract management

In all industries, a contract is always a binding element for the common interests and interests of both parties. This helps both sides reach the desired agreement and not break the rules and cooperation relationship. However, large companies require a lot of paperwork and contracts for many different projects such as the construction or real estate industry, the need for a work and contract management application is very important.


Difficulties and Barriers when managing construction contracts


Difficulties and barriers are inevitable in the way Construction Contract management. As mentioned above, the construction industry often requires a lot of paperwork with the same project. Therefore, the manager will find it difficult to understand the contract progress and update the work proactively so as not to affect the progress. In addition, contracts depend on many stakeholders. If not managed well, disputes between the parties can take place and affect the whole project. Therefore, in the process of managing and implementing the steps of drafting or signing a contract, it is necessary to pay attention to the following good factors:


– Pay attention to the legality of the contract


A contract will always be more valuable and beneficial to both parties if its legality is guaranteed. The best way not to fall into the situation of lacking the necessary legal elements for a contract, businesses should have professional legal teams to help draft contract content. Thereby, this helps businesses minimize unnecessary risks. For Startups, SMEs or inexperienced businesses, it is advisable to accept a fee from the legal department. That will help reduce a part of the burden and also ensure a good source of income for the business.


– Smart and proactive division of work


Besides the legal issue, there are different elements and work requirements that need to be done in the case management institute. Therefore, the manager needs to understand the competence and the role of each member to be able to allocate work to the right person. Thereby, the work is not overlapped or concentrated on one individual to perform. Instead, each person doing the right job with expertise helps achieve quick results and saves a lot of time and effort. A project has many phases, and the division of who will be responsible for which work (drafting, negotiating, signing, handing over and liquidating contracts) also helps managers easily capture information.


– Contract storage and management


Each project will have separate contracts and contract status will also vary with each phase. Specifically, the contract of project A is in the waiting period, while the contract of project B needs to be extended. Then, the scientific management and arrangement will help managers easily classify, track progress and take the right actions for each project and contract.


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Multi-purpose software for project management and construction and real estate contracts – UpDiagram


Understanding the needs and problems that businesses are facing, UpDiagram was born with the desire to be a companion with businesses to solve difficulties and meet the needs of the job. UpDiagram is a multi-purpose project management tool. help businesses manage construction contracts, or even projects, manage costs and personnel. All in a single platform.


 Construction contract management platform for streamlined operations

1. Manage and keep track of the progress of Construction Contract management


UpDiagram’s views are diverse from Grid, Kanban, to Calendar to help businesses manage many tasks at the same time for many different purposes. In particular, the Grid view provides a visual perspective when showing all jobs and contract status on a single view.


Construction contract status when completed can be changed and the system will immediately notify the manager immediately.


2. Task assignment


Managers can assign specific tasks to each member. Members can also capture assigned work quickly. At the same time, everyone also knows who will accept the stages and stages of the contract to actively support or request support.


3. Permissions and security


In addition, project managers proactively decentralize rights and roles to keep construction contract information secure. Specifically, Marketing sales staff will not be able to join and access contract documents of sales team and partners. This ensures the confidentiality of the contract.


4. Storage and management


UpDiagram allows unlimited creation and storage of different projects. As a result, the management of many projects and many different contracts at the same time without fear of missing necessary information. With just one interface and one platform, it’s all at your fingertips.


5. Cost savings


UpDiagram currently has a discount program for businesses when it only costs $1/person/month for the Pro package. More specifically, for construction or real estate businesses, UpDiagram has a Partnership program. The program allows businesses to receive benefits.


– No cost for Partner Program

– No need to care about pricing plans. In other words, partners use free of existing functionality

– Get offers support, 24/7 customer care, training, and provides specific solutions for each field

– To experience the real products and services Latest From UpDiagram

– Contribute and propose to request specific functions for the partner’s own business

– Experience and use the functions required by the partner/business


UpDiagram is not only a tool but also a practical solution to simplify management processes while ensuring maximum work performance. The application is completely suitable for remote management for businesses from Startups, SMEs or even multinational companies because of the flexibility and continuous improvement of UpDiagram’s system and development team.


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Contact us to get special offers and join UpDiagram’s Partner program.

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