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Best project management programs and help your business succeed

The pandemic has forced many businesses, large and small, to operate remotely, which requires not only better project management but also a smooth collaboration between remote team members. Now, we will research the best project management programs. Above all help, your business succeed. 


project management

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Project management software is blooming in the technology market, because it can fulfill the needs of collaboration, efficiency, and more. So, in a recent survey on management software review sites, it was found that 60% of managers can accurately estimate the progress of a project better when using a project management tool.

So whether you’re a small business owner or a project manager in a large enterprise, investing in a cloud-based tool like project manager, task manager, or project portfolio manager has become a daily necessity. 

The tools below are arranged at random, out of order, based on criteria:

  1. Key Features
  2. Edition 
  3. Starting Price
  4. Support Options

To sum up, the following are management software that is rated as effective for businesses today.

1. is a project management tool for contractors, owners. So, suitable for real estate, construction,…

 – Key Features: Project Management, Inventory Tracking, Dashboards, Product Management, Task Management, Project Planning

 – Sessions version: trial/free

 – Starting price: $8/user/month

 – Support options: Knowledge Base, 24/7 customer support, help center

2. ClickUp

ClickUp is a free productivity app that provides a new way to be productive. In other words, more than just integrating notes, reminders, goal lists, calendars, timetables, and inboxes.

 – Key Features: Task Manager, Document Management, Resource Management, Task Management, Project Planning, Advanced Reporting

 – Version: trial/free

 – Starting price: $5/ users/month

 – Support options: 24/7 support, email, social platform community, knowledge base

3. UpDiagram

Managing groups with multiple people have never been easier. So, It takes more effort to track the progress of each team member and the productivity of the project. The need to give feedback or comments on tasks, delivery of tasks, project perspectives,… however is extremely necessary. So, UpDiagram was built. is a project management tool. So, that helps users to shorten the time and effort in the project management process. So, everybody call UpDiagram is best project management program.

 – Key features:  Task management, Document management, Resource management, Task management, Project planning, Advanced reporting, Multiple data fields, Email and In-app notification for project activities, Delegating tasks, and managing members,…

 – Version: trial / free

 – Starting price: $ 3 / user/month (in addition, every month there are promotions )

 – Support options: 24/7 support, email, social platforms, knowledge base

4. Hive

Hive is a data warehouse infrastructure tool for handling structured data in Hadoop. It sits on top of Hadoop to summarize Big Data and make querying and analysis easy. Hive was originally developed by Facebook, then the Apache Software Foundation took it and developed it into an open-source under the name Apache Hive. Companies use them for different purposes and projects.

 – Key Features: Time Management, Project Portfolio Management, Task Manager, Resource Management, Task Manager, Advanced Analytics

 – Version: trial/free

 – Starting price: $12 /user/month

 – Support options: Community, self-service knowledge base, 24/7 support, chat

5. Asana

Asana is best known as project and task management software online. Firstly, helping users to arrange jobs more efficiently and intelligently. Secondly, especially useful in the assignment of group work.

 – Key Features: Task Manager, Project Portfolio Manager, Dashboards, Time Tracking, Task Manager, Resource Management

 – Version: trial/free

 – Starting price: $ 10.99  /user /month

 – Support options: Help Center, community forum, online help, 24/7 support helps

6. Trello

Trello is an intuitive task management tool that teams brainstorm, create and create ideas. So, plan-manage and celebrate achievements together in a collaborative, efficient, and organized manner. 

– Key Features: Task Manager, Resource Management, Task Manager, Project Tracking, Goal Setting, Dashboards

– Version: trial/free

– Starting price: $ 5  /user/month

– Support options: Email, community forum, help center

To sum up, evaluate above are the best six project management tools for enterprises and most interested in the past year. The tools all have their strengths and weaknesses, but the price may vary, but that doesn’t mean cheap software doesn’t work. After that, please consider and choose the best project management programs for your project. 

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