What does Project Management entail?
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What is Project Management?

Project management involves processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve the project objectives. A project is planned objectives, which could be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits. A project is usually assigned a range of time to complete and the time depends on the strategy and its nature such as the types of product, timescale and budget.
 What does Project Management entail?

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Every project is different, so the project professional is require to have a lot of specific skills including technical, people management and business consciousness.


There are 4 main components for most of projects:


– Scope: size of the project

– Time: duration/time frame

– Cost: budget and expense

– Quality: tool and manpower


Furthermore, Integration, Procurement, Human resources, Communications, Risk management and Stakeholder management are key components to define a successful project.


5 Steps for a Project Management process:


– Initiating: the first phase to measure and examine its benefit for the organization

– Planning: after evaluating, make the team discussion, budget and expenses estimation, tasks and activities are the next actions.

– Executing: tasks assigned, communicate and update the process

– Monitoring: review and monitor every step/process to avoid the loopholes or missing plots.

– Closing: when the finished project delivers to customers.


Every project management has different levels at times. Some of them are even more complicating, but applying 5 cycles above facilitates the manager in order to manage the project effectively. Therefore, the online project management tool can be a reasonable methodology to perfectly complete the projects. Despite a wide range of available tools in the advancement in technology, UpDiagram is one of the options that give you a permit to manage projects judiciously.

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