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Using management technology in tourism services

Tourism service is a specific sector of information and communication. It is necessary to have clear and simple management to ensure the coordination processes as well as the implementation of tourism projects. be smooth. A good management application can complete all work processes from collecting, processing, or updating information. All done in just a few seconds. Thereby, achieving higher work efficiency and improving management ability when participating in business in tourism.

1. Customer care

It will be good to capture requests and suggestions from customers, with those comments. The travel company will know what they are lacking and improve them. Customers are king, so the suggestions, whether good or bad, still bring us experience. And to serve better, we also need to know what are the requirements set by the guests for the tour they choose?

But how to remember and save those opinions, the answer to the above problem is to use a tool to support management, directly storing the contributions as well as the requirements of the users. customers about the tour. With templates Travel List from UpDiagram we can easily record information as well as customer requirements through the Table function, which is an optimal ability for management.


Customer care

2. Support to manage booking tours/tourism services

To effectively manage the booking, you will need support software. It will be software where users can create new requests/bookings from the built-in template, and handle the booking. Not only that, you can directly update and process information of each customer. When they book a service: booking tours, transportation, mixed services, etc. In addition, you can also store information, transaction history with customers, information such as methods, date and time, exchange content, etc.


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3. Manage guides and tours

A tour company always has a lot of guides, it will be troublesome if the control is not clear. The manager will need a tool that can both capture the tour and control the guides participating in that tour. Support users to plan payment, design, and calculate tour product prices.


tour guide is coordinating visitors

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When using the software, you can manage the schedule information of each tour: departure schedule, list of visitors, means of transportation, etc. Manage participants in tour operations: schedule, assign tour operator jobs, things to do,…

4. UpDiagram application to manage travel services

UpDiagram is an extremely effective project management tool, it not only meets the small needs of basic management functions, but it also has advanced features to manage for travel agencies. The software provides users with tools to manage their business such as service management, tour operator management, customer care, etc.


Grid View

Work view: Grid

For customers, UpDiagram can show the schedule, allow them to leave comments for tours,… For leaders, the software will provide an electronic bulletin system that is updated continuously and fully business activities of the enterprise.

Tourism services management software plays an important role, as a tool to support effective management in the field of tourism services. Therefore, as long as a computer or mobile device has an internet connection, managers can manage their travel and tour companies in the most detail without having to look at documents.

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