Effective problem-solving mindset for a simpler life
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The mindset to simplify the problems

Every day, we face a lot of problems from simple things like What should we dress up to conferences, How to overcome a project that is stagnant. If you have good problem-solving skills, life will be much simpler. The mindset to simplify the problems.
 Effective problem-solving mindset for a simpler life

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Here are some tips to help you improve your problem-solving skills:


Focus on solutions


Neuroscientists have shown that your brain cannot find a solution if you only focus on the problem, who is responsible for that, or define what the consequences are. Because these negative thinkings have a detrimental impact on the brain. That leads your brainstorm skills to be limited. Instead of over considering the problem, why don’t we analyze the problems to figure out the solutions?



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Do not limit yourself by the consequence of the problem. You should overcome to think of all possible solution including the weirdest ones. It is important that you maintain your openness to increase your ability to think creatively. Also, there is no bad solution If it is appropriate with the problem. In fact, there are many shreds of evidence illustrating that a lot of unexpected and successful solutions come from crazy ideas. The mindset to simplify the problems


Neutral perspectives

Do not consider the problem you are having as an insurmountable obstacle. You should learn to see the problem in a positive way to simplify it. There would be an element or something that does not work well and you need to find another way. After that, you try to approach the problem neutrally with many perspectives and solutions. There will be one that can address the problem. Additionally, your team members can contribute to solving the issue with you.


Turn over the problem

When you get used to the same solution for most of the problems, you will limit yourself to be creative and ignore many potential ideas that can tackle the problems. Therefore, you’d better change your habits by reversing the problems.  Even if your solution seems foolish, a new unique approach will stimulate you to see the problem in a more creative, multidimensional way. In addition, when there are many choices, you will know what is the best solution.


Use positive words

To have positive thinking, leading your thoughts with phrases like “What if …” and “Let’s imagine that …” can be effective. Indeed, these phrases broaden the brain to think creatively and encourage solutions. By the way, there are negative phrases such as “I don’t think …” or “This is not true …” that can limit your thoughts.


Simplify things

We often tend to make things more complicated than It should be. Instead, why don’t we try to simplify the problem by looking at the panorama and get rid of the details. You will be surprised by the results when you see the problem with the different perspectives. The mindset to simplify the problems
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