Metaphor of recruitment
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Manage training course and recruitment?

The company which is working as the agency to provide the educational service faced a big problem with manage training course and recruitment. In other words, the company provides the person tutors for the students with a wide range of subjects including literature, English, Science and so on.
  Metaphor of recruitment

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Every day, the customer service team has to work with more than a hundred customers. Then, they have to communicate with HR to delivery the workforce. The status cannot directly follow up because the tool they were using is not shareable. This drag to the low collaboration in team working. Even worse, HR and Customer Service are two different departments and have two different responsibility. However, the connection of their task is very strong. In fact, the service customer cannot introduce the tutors who they don’t have any information without support from the HR.


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Besides that, the new applicants or the old tutors who want to quit the job are an unsolvable problem. The customer service team is required to know the ones who quit the job. In addition, they have to allocate the labors so that everyone has at least 3 classes a week. With the increase of workforce and customers, the up-to-date tool to solve their current problem is the number one priority.


When they know UpDiagram and start to try it, they said that they cannot stop to “play” with UpDiagram.


The agency which provides the tutor workforce for the households uses UpDiagram to manage the whole process of recruitment. With the UpDiagram, they can create a form of a project which matches with their criteria recruitment and they fulfill the information from the applicants into the existing Fields in UpDiagram base. For the grid views, they could scan every detail with nothing overlooked.


Control process – manage training course and recruitment

Every team who involves in this process can supervise their domain throughout their private base. Many potential fields in one project including interviews, judgment, training course, certificate and so on can be managed by different teams. Indeed, the project is big and each team has a different responsibility. Therefore, each team only collects the most appropriate information to their personal needs. They also get rid of irrelevant data and update the status consecutively so that all the accurate and relevant information is available to all members.


“Comment and feedback” – manage training course and recruitment

When they approach the applicants, they leverage “comment and feedback” feature to facilitate the process of management. In fact, we can collect applicants’ emails and send to them, but the rate of responses is very low. Currently, they usually chat with other applicants on UpDiagram, schedule and send them the notification. For the mutual communication channels on UpDiagram, both team members and applicants can catch up on the status and all other notification in time. Thus, the percentage of response is increased considerably and the chance to define the most qualified applicants.


Use UpDiagram for manage training course and recruitment

In recent, there are more than one thousand tutors, UpDiagram is on the way to simplify the process to manage the existing tutors and applicants to guarantee the quality of education. Even better, they are planning to use UpDiagram for a larger scale to satisfy the development of the company. They also share the miracle thing that, I could say, no one had said the work was too complicated to control. Apparently, this could be one of the big reasons to motivate them to use UpDiagram for a long time or even permanently.

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