Mastering Body Language and Demonstrating Trustworthiness
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Body Language and How to show your trust

Today, young people have mostly grown up in the world of the Internet where they can communicate via Email or online messages. Therefore, digital communication has become a norm with them, but the face to face interaction is a barrier to overcome.
 Mastering Body Language and Demonstrating Trustworthiness

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Especially, The Fresher who is going to start their career should be careful about their body language. They can reveal their personality even though they do not intend to do that. To succeed, body languages play a role to make the interviewers or your boss estimate you as one the most trustworthy in the company. And there are 5 tips that you should practice to become trustworthy with your partner.


1. Tilt your head toward the opponent
Tilting your head indicates that you are ready to take on a difficult position to listen. Whenever we want to show trust, commitment, approval or interest, you should turn our heads to look at others. That action shows we are ready to listen and will not debate.
 Lean your head in the direction of your opponent

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This action is especially effective when negotiating or arguing with opponents. In this way, you can show the understanding of speakers and as a result, those people are less hostile and less resistant. If you need to negotiate and persuade them to collaboration in work, this action is really efficient.


2. Intensity of eyes contact

 Enhancing Eye Contact Intensity for Effective Communication

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Keeping the eyes contact during the conversation can both increase your confidence and build your partner belief. Generally, People tend to underestimate who usually avoid the eyes contact, whilst they will believe in the ones who are confident to keep the eyes contact.


However, this does not mean that you have to stare at them. The most suitable intensity of eyes contact is around 70% in the conversation. If you always look at someone’s eyes, they will think you are hostile. In contrast, They will think you are less confident If you are shy to look at their eyes. Thus, Eyes contact is an art to practice day by day to be influent.


3. Open the palm of the hands

 Communication skills, and the secrets to success of companies

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As you can see, Most of the speakers in the talk show, such as Tedtalk often extend their palms when talking to the crowd. The reason to do that is to illustrate a sign of peace. It shows that you don’t hide anything, you’re willing to listen to what others want to share.


People who open their hands are also trustworthy. This explains why religious leaders often show their palms when talking to listeners. On the other hand, those who are liars often hide their hands.


4. Glove handshake
 Firm Handshake for Professional Impressions

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“Glove handshake” is a handshake that you use both hands and your left palm will place on the back of the opponent’s right hand, slightly above the wrist. This handshake is a sign of warmth, trust, and kindness towards the other person.


When shaking hands, pay attention to the location of your left hand. The higher your left hand is on the other person’s right arm, the more likely it is to be close to them. In fact, holding the other person’s elbow will show more emotion when holding their wrist.


5. Imitate other nonverbal language

 Nonverbal Communication through Imitation

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Once talking to a close friend or your acquaintances, You’d better compare the body language of two people together. You will feel the similarity between your posture and your body movements with them.


Reflecting others’ body language can create a feeling of closeness and trust. This also helps increase mutual understanding between two people and It is believed as one of the most effective methods to help you communicate well with others.


Therefore, when meeting a new person, try to observe their behavior, concern your body language, the tone of voice or even facial expressions. After a while, the opponent will unconsciously feel comfortable when talking to you.

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