Application of IT for Small Business
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An Application of IT for Small Business

Small and medium enterprises can catch up with the large market by implementing application of IT in their work.

Of particular note is that for small businesses, technology can be a double-edged sword. Because you need to make a solid decision that the software is right for your business. In the following article, we will take a look at some information technology perspectives for small and medium businesses, please objectively evaluate and make the best choice.


1 – E-commerce

In the era of technology 4.0, it developed like “a tsunami”, landing on all industries and especially the eCommerce industry. Fortunately, technology software assisted the transition. Besides providing functionality that allows businesses to sell online, eCommerce platforms are leveraging AI in a number of ways that can help small businesses increase revenue and cut costs:


– Using natural language processing and autocomplete suggestions, the software can deliver the products and services customers are looking for. One study found that adding autocomplete to your search bar alone can increase sales by 24%.


– Just like you might find on a giant website like Amazon, smart product recommendations use data from a customer’s previous browsing, searching, and purchasing habits to make recommendations and recommendations humanize the shopping experience. After that, one interaction with a recommendation, a customer is three times more likely to convert.


– By analyzing past sales data, seasonal trends, AI can optimize inventory management to ensure you always have the right amount of stock in stock. And so, reducing the number of out-of-stock and overstock items can reduce overall inventory costs by 10% or more.


2 – Customer service

When it comes to competing with larger players, there is one area where the “little guys” have a clear edge: customer service. Customer service can also be a headache if you’re short on staff and critical resources. And with the threat of a bad service review that could sink your entire reputation, and with good reviews, your business’ reputation will grow steadily. Then customer care needs to be focused.


Currently, small businesses are increasingly relying on information technology software to solve problems in the form of chatbots. Chatbots: like customer-facing virtual assistants, use natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine learning to answer questions and complete requests. The benefits that chatbots bring to small businesses are immense.


For simple questions and requests, the chatbot can search the company’s support information to provide answers or direct customers. goods to the right resources without the need for staff to be involved. Operating 24/7, customers don’t have to wait until business hours to solve their problems. If something needs to be delivered to a human, the AI ​​algorithm in the chatbot can go through a script to get basic information for help (call, text, email, etc.). The chatbot can then forward the request to the employee who can best deal with the situation, saving them time while providing a better customer experience.


3 – Project management – UpDiagram

Small and medium-sized enterprises that want to develop must have many projects, “many projects – many resources” is inevitable, but with the criterion of saving, these organizations need to have management technology software. Avoid wasted paper, save space and optimize workflow.


With the emergence and development of the software engineering market, project management tools have grown enormously. Prominent among them is UpDiagram, an extremely convenient and necessary project management software in all companies.


Amazing functions are waiting for you!

The main function is used for project management. And so, you can create your own project, or use an existing template. In each project has its basic features as follows (unlimited number of projects):

  1. Number of members for the project 20 free copies (with unlimited support for the Trial package)
  2. Multi work view mode format (Kanban, Grid, Calendar, Mindmap)
  3. Various data fields: images, text, list, checkbox, date, progress, to calculation formulas
  4. Import data from projects available from Trello, Assembla, Jira, Excel,…
  5. Integrating other applications such as Microsoft Team, Slack, Rocket, Zalo,…
  6. Email and In-app notification for project activities
  7. Decentralization, assigning tasks, and managing members
  8. Save activity history traces
  9. Active Directory integration
  10. Internal environment settings
  11. Table creation function to integrate multiple data tables into the same project, for example, integrating a management table for the list of materials, workers, … in general the project is the project of building apartments


Some templates: Sprint Planning (Agile Methodology), house renovation management, multi-project management.

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