Uncovering the Reasons for Failure in Process Management
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Why you fail in process management?

Taking on a managerial position also means that you will carry out many important tasks. And be responsible for process management. In order for employees under the authority to work effectively and conscientiously, the manager should consider these aspects.
 Uncovering the Reasons for Failure in Process Management

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1. Responsibility

Does your staff know who is responsible for managing their work effectively? In the mindset of most of the small business that the managers are the only ones to be in charge of the success of the process. However, that traditional approach often leads to biased and subjective decisions.


Today, the responsibilities do not belong to any individual. Each member plays a significant role in the enterprise performance management process. Therefore, the orientation of personal responsibilities should be directed to every single member, instead of managers or leaders only.

2. High rate of quitting jobs

Understanding the Causes Behind High Job Quitting Rates

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There are many reasons that employees tend to be depressed and stressed with work. Generally, the lack of recognition, promotion and constructive feedback is the component to discourage employees to continue their work. In fact, no one wants to with the company that they do not see the promotion in their career and the recognition from superiors and colleagues. Even worse, they don’t even know what if they do well or not whilst there is no feedback or comment from the employers. In this case, the manager should seriously investigate and analyze the root cause. This could also come from low-performance management skill.


Working ineffectively for a long time will lead to job leaks and have a detrimental impact on the overall productivity of the enterprise. If you just started to realize the problem, It was too late.


3. Not ready to change

Overcoming Resistance to Change: Embracing Transformation for Success

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Performance management is not just about doing all of the assigned tasks. Some managers do not want to face the problems that occur during the management process. Even though employees or themselves have many shortcomings compared to expectations, they still ignore it and quickly complete the process.


If you want to have an effective management process, don’t be afraid to smash the old process and rebuild them with the best. In addition, let listen to the staff’s suggestions and solve it as soon as possible, if you are the one who makes the mistakes.

4. No motivation to improve themselves

One of the key points of effective management processes is to support employees to develop themselves. It is also the same essential for employees to develop a career path as the company is closer to the vision in the future.


If employees feel stagnant in their work, they will look for better opportunities. You probably don’t want to lose those talents. Therefore, you should guarantee employees are always developing and cultivating themselves during their working life.

5. No plan to implement the strategy

Developing an Effective Strategy Implementation Plan for Business Success

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Although the managers are responsible for building a business strategy, there is no result if it is not implemented as the schedule. If the management process is broken or ineffective. Employees will not be able to visualize how their daily work or personal goals can contribute to the overall strategy.


Therefore, you need to shorten the gap between strategy and action so as to make sure every team member is in the right direction.

6. Low target achievement

When the employees do not consistently complete their tasks as the set target, it does not mean that the assessment of their competence is at a low level. Because it is also possible that the process of determining goals is not effective, employees do not understand the expectations of the superiors causing the difference between the target and the actual results.

Therefore, you need to train the middle management department how to set effective goals, then how to manage the performance in the company.


In addition, you should also implement policies to create a connection between the employee’s personal goals and the company’s overall value, thereby eliminating their concerns.


Set up Work View Kanban


The low-performance management process can cause a detrimental impact if there is no supervision and solution for every issue. These above symptoms are some of the many other symptoms that managers should know to address the problems. To minimize the effort of the management process including human resource and project management. UpDiagram, an online management project tool, supports to visualize product roadmaps, project plans. And reports for effective team collaboration and putting into action that impact.

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