Collecting customer feedback helps e-commerce businesses improve sales
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An order management template for e-commerce businesses?

Order management is the process of receiving, tracking, and fulfilling an order and delivering items to a customer, business, or intermediary. The order process begins and ends with the customer experience. The order management optimizes when it provides value to both a business and a customer by guaranteeing that goods or services ordered are shipped to the right place and right time.

 Collecting customer feedback helps e-commerce businesses improve sales

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The order management template is one of the most important tools for eCommerce businesses. It brings to your business several benefits and advantages:


– Reduce errors:


By using An order management template, businesses can reduce their effort put into tracking the status of the order, the customer information, or any other updated data.


– Save time and increase productivity:


With the designed order management templates, e-commerce retailers can decrease the time to design a template for themselves. Using those templates also help e-commerce businesses increase their productivity in updating the new orders and serve the customer better.


The faster an order is responded, the higher and more professional a business illustrates about themselves.


– Increase customer service quality:


The order management templates also give you a suitable tool to understand clearly about the customer requirement. Serve customers as best as possible is the most appropriate direction for great customer services. This is the key factor of success for e-commerce businesses.


– Increase revenue and decrease costs:


An order management templates contribute to increasing the e-commerce business profit by reducing the money spent on an order management software that is impossible with a small business. It also can help your business by raising money by faster and more professional processes when serving a customer. The more customers satisfied, the higher the business reputation. It is a good way for sustainable business growth.


– Clearly record for analyzing the operational activities and adjusting the strategic plans:


The categories in eCommerce order management are useful when analyzing the operational process of your business. By tracking the data collected in the template, you can adjust strategic plans to be more suitable with the company situation and supplement the shortage of any resources needed for running your business.

UpDiagram contributes to your effort to manage the order cycle more effectively by the E-commerce Order Management template. So, many features that our template gives to users:


– Order records:


Firsly, Most importantly, our order management template helps you to manage all aspects of your orders from the customer information. For example, order details (product type, name, size color,…) to other data.


Secondly, Orders placed on the phone and most importantly, on your website, can be easily tracked and recorded. On the other hand, These orders should be accessible from everywhere.


– Inventory tracking:


To serve the customer well, adequate stock inventory is necessary. By using UpDiagram eCommerce order management, you can easily track the stock in the warehouse and fulfill that product inventory when it is out of stock.


 Delivery schedule:


Having a nearby warehouse to your customers is the best way to ensure fast and consistent delivery. So, your order management system can help you send through orders to be packed and shipped with correct shipping labels. This template allows you to track the stock inventory anywhere and at any time.


 Service quality tracking: 


By recording the customer evaluation about your service quality, you can not only keep track of the situation of customer service but also analyze the reasons that lead to bad evaluation from the customer to change right away.


 Revenue record and analysis: 


You can keep track and analyze the cash flows of operational activities by using this template. This template is free and useful with your online business.


Revenue record and analysis
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