Strategies for Leaders to Enhance Team Performance
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What the leader should do to better the team?

If there is anything that is required to define the success in every field, that is true leaders. It is no doubt a good leader not only connects the team members, but the leader can optimize his/her member abilities to accomplish the mission effectively.
  Strategies for Leaders to Enhance Team Performance

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A Manager says “go”, A Leader says “Let’s go” – Professor Warren G. Bennis

Leadership skills, which have always been a hot topic and never been boring because of its complication, required real steps to lead for the future far better than the past.


1. Listening and Respect

Most of the leaders are willing to listen to everyone. However, good listening skill is to hear the right person who tells them the right things. Indeed, listening skill is not about how willing you are, but who you should listen to. Thus, Let’s give your front-line people a chance to share their voice.


Furthermore, a successful leader needs to earn respect instead of demanding it. It is difficult to earn respect, but when the leaders are consistent with their work, illustrate the appreciation and forgive the mistakes, the team will respect their leaders.


2. Communication

Communication skill is not too new for everyone, but not all of them can do it well in terms of a successful leader. Successful leaders will be able to meaningfully communicate with each other and with others. To practice for you as a leader or for followers simultaneously, Let’s set up the meetings weekly, or friendly discuss to create the active environment and always be direct and clear with everyone.


3. Approachable

There is no reason to build the barrier between leader and followers. Indeed, no one wants to discuss with the unfriendly leader who maybe not willing to hear and give them advice. On the other hand, the leader who is approachable brings more information and collaboration from the team to do their best work.


4. Practice to Brainstorm

Brainstorming is key for leaders to increase the number of creative ideas. In the emergency, brainstorming paves the way for leader a skill to address the problem as fast as possible. Thanks to that, the team members have motivation and inspiration to think of new ideas in their work and speak up for valuable contributions to the company.


5. Show expectation and Set the challenges

Expectation somehow is as same as the goal or the KPI that the leaders want to achieve from the followers. In fact, the unclear expectation for the followers can lead the low productivity. At the same time, the leader should push their members limit to extend the competence of the team. The reasonable challenge in their task will be the factor to encourage them to do with the excitement and get out the comfortable zone of work so as to accomplish excellence at all levels.


6. Micro-management

The smart leaders tend to give their followers an opportunity to own their business and facilitate them to make their decision If it is necessary for their work. In other words, the leaders do not need to worry and manage everything as a nanny. Let your followers do alone to learn instead of assisting hand in hand to protect them. In other perspectives, trust them if you decide to work with and do not take all the responsibility.


7. Rewarding

It is not easy to endure the quality of the team. However, praising followers for a job well done is advised. This will illustrate that the leader recognizes their effort and competence. Your team will have more motivation and inspiration for the next challenge.


8. Learning

Learning is forever even though what your position is. When you do not know something, be willing to grab the right knowledge, be open to your team’s suggestion and make it a good learning process. Besides reading articles or following the famous leaders, why don’t you learn from colleagues, followers or anyone you come across to cultivate your long-life knowledge.


9. Action

The only way to really learn leadership is to have real action, but not reading from articles. Be responsible and ready to handle your job, practice different ways of leading and follow the attributes of a good leader, find ways to empower your team and carefully observe what is working for you. The more experienced, the more enhancement.


Leadership has never been easy to define and understand it. In the modern time, the leaders are required to have a good vision, multi-perspective and motivation to lead the whole member and keep them on the right track. The responsibility of leaders is not only to deliver the message and goal of the project, but they also are in charge of the success or failure of the whole project. Thus, the role of a good leader has never been deniable for years.

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