Managing Human Resources has become incredibly straightforward
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UpDiagram base – The Human Resource has been so simple

The Human Resource Department has always faced pressure to do recruitment. For the large scale of the company, the labor force is the inevitable issue. The HR Department has to work with thousands of CVs and Applicants every month to satisfy the workforce requirement of the company from Intern to Superior position. The general tool is not completely suitable for our use of purpose. In fact, we expect more specific features for the individual of use to minimize our difficulties. There had been a doubt until we were assisted to get used to the UpDiagram by its customer service. “Thankfully, We are alive, after all”, our problem seemed to be disappeared.
 Managing Human Resources has become incredibly straightforward

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash


Generally, we used Excel to manage our data. It was easy to use because we got used to it for a long time. However, when the company grew up, the number of employees acceleration which drags the pressure to manage the huge amount of labor force is considerable. Besides, the evaluation process and workforce distribution are obstacles to do well in managing human resources.


Our progress of recruitment is about 5 stages from the phone interview to the final interview. Every step is scheduled and all team members of The Human Resource need to update and follow up on the progress. In fact, Excel could contain a large number of our data, but it is not sharable.


We spent so much time recruitment. “How is your progress?”, “How many potential candidates for this position?”.


UpDiagram Grid View suitable for enterprises


To simplify our work, we have to try something new and UpDiagram is our option. At first, it was very difficult for us, because we didn’t know the all features, functions and its value for the project management. Nevertheless, their Customer Service was good at keeping track of new users. They actively contacted us to find out any difficulty that we had. We did not sure how good UpDiagram was but their service was the positive first impression.


UpDiagram Kanban Board tracking all tasks


Then, we shared our problems and they helped us set up a project with necessary features and fields. Other instruction was also share with us for future use.


We were into the “Grid View” where we can see and manage the whole project at first glance. Even better, the interface is more attractive because we can create some personal fields for our purpose. Additionally, we can define the users’ level in the project which can satisfy our requirement to easily follow up on the project.


We are very happy with UpDiagram so It could be very difficult for us to change our habit to learn new ones. Thus, we hope to see more enhancement to support more our individual purpose.

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