Why is UpDiagram integrated with WhatsApp?
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UpDiagram and WhatsApp Integration

UpDiagram integrate with WhatsApp to enhance productivity by easily and quickly updating project information through the popular social messaging app – WhatsApp. With 2 billion global users, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, widely used in businesses, and that’s why UpDiagram introduces this integration feature. 

This integration with WhatsApp aims to provide effective solutions for users, addressing the following challenges:

  • Timely access to updated project information.
  • Managing scattered emails that overcrowd their inbox.
  • Improving communication flow for a seamless experience.


This integration gives you the power to:

  • Get real-time WhatsApp notifications about changes in deadlines, assignees, member comments, tags, newly created tasks, and updates to the status of each task
  • Eliminate the need to check emails from UpDiagram notifications; you can directly update the project’s information on the user-friendly WhatsApp app on your phone anytime and anywhere
  • Jump in with team members on WhatsApp immediately upon receiving notifications, fostering group interaction and seamless communication 

This is how it works

In Settings -> select Integration -> select WhatsApp

How to use UpDiagram and WhatsApp integration

Enter the user’s name and phone number -> click Add

How to use UpDiagram and WhatsApp integration

A notification will be sent to you through the WhatsApp application, if you agree to receive notifications click Accept, if not click Cancel. 

How to use UpDiagram and WhatsApp integration

After agreeing you will receive notifications about your project activities on UpDiagram 

How to use UpDiagram and WhatsApp integration

Note: Only the Project Owner and Admin can add this feature to members in the project. 

Explore this new feature now!

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