Time Tracking
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Time Tracking

With Time tracking, you can easily track workday activities of your all employees to gain visibility into productivity and identify performance metrics to increase accountability. Time tracking will help you uncover how your team spend their time and get real-time work day insights and scale faster for all company from mid size to enterprise level. Additionally, It gives employee total control over what is being tracked with a press of a button. Let see how it work and how to install it into your project.

Set up Time Tracking on UpDiagram


Step 1: Open your project and click on Setting >>> Customfield 🙌 



Step 2:  Click on Add field/column. Then, select Type is Time Tracking and select Format you expect to show all your project (h: the hour, m: the minute, s: the second)



Step 3: You can also Turn on/off Time Tracking on Grid View or Pop-up Detail


turn off/ turn on


How can I turn on “Allow adding session manually”?




Also, you can add session manually by turn on it in Custom Fields setting.



After you turn on Allow adding session manually, select tasks that need to be tracked >>> choose to add session manually >>> select Start Time  – End Time (enter time/date) >>> select Save. This Manual Session help you correct time tracked after the fact.


add session manually



*Note: only add the date in the past and today.


How many sessions I can track on the tasks?




Unlimited sessions you track on the tasks. Sessions can stop, and that don’t effective in total working hours. There are multiple sessions support to track to long working hour tasks.


*Note: One member cannot turn on Time tracking for many tasks that he/she is assigned simultaneously. Apparently, you cannot do 3 or 4 tasks at the same time with the best performance.


It’s that simple, right? With just clicks and clicks, you can set up Time Tracking easily. Details can found in the video. Good luck with your project!


If you need more assistance from us, please fill this form and you have any question about this or anything else about this article, feel free to reach out to us at support@updiagram.com.

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