Set up Closed/Open Items
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Set up Closed/Open Items

Users can choose to close completed tasks with the new capability of opening/closing a task’s status, and when they do, they are grouped together. This allows administrators and users easily to track and view all closed and opened tasks separately without manual filter actions.

Set up Closed/Open Items on UpDiagram

After setting the custom field as a list, users need to define a custom field that should be closed (In fact, people choose Done is Closed Status). 

Step 1: Users go to Custom Views to install
Set up Closed/Open Items 1

Step 2: Select the list as desired as mentioned above in the Status section.
setting 2

Step 3: The interface will display Closed Status and Open Status, and you need to add the status you define to Closed/Opened Status 

Step 4: Remember to press Save to activate the function. 

How can I check Closed/Open tasks on Work Views?

Closed/Opened Status on Grid View

Function Closed/Open Items available on all Work Views. The functionality is simple and easy to use, allowing users to quickly filter custom fields that are Closed/Open based on their needs.

Mix others filter with Closed/Open Status 

Users can create the other filter with Closed/Open status:

– Do you want to see how many your Closed/Open items? Combine My Assignments with Closed/Open items
– If you want to know which due tasks are open, you can combine Due Assignments with Closed/Open items

Notes (Set up Closed/Open Items):
– The complicated List type can be used for Closed/Open status
– The Closed/Open status can’t be empty

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