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Discovering how Excel can help transform small business accounting you through the article below, will be a valuable experience in your business process. After calculators, spreadsheets are an accountant's best friend when it comes to managing basic accounting tasks.

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Automate data transfer between UpDiagram and Excel

Excel have outstanding features and meet different needs of users. Depending on your habits and specific needs, you can make the decision to use and experience the product to maximize working efficiency. On the UpDiagram side, we aim to provide not only products but also the most suitable solutions for the needs of users. Thereby, improving user experience and efficiency will be the joy and motivation to help UpDiagram continue to develop. And bring the best values ​​to customers.

Excel & Updiagram


Select Project To Export

Step 1

Select the project you need to Export the Excel file.

Export To Excel

Step 2

Next, you need to go to Grid View >>> select More Action >>> to select Export Excel.

Congratulations, the project's Excel file has been successfully exported.

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