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For professional project managers, every second(s) of tasks counts in money. So tracking and calculating time is always something they are concerned about. In fact, there are many ways to keep track of time. In the past, they used manual recording methods to keep track of time, in modern times they apply computer science technologies to record time. The trend of using project management tools is increasing, and it is great if project management software has a time-tracking function.

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Time Tracking
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Easy to evaluate employees

By combining assigned function with time-tracking, the manager will know who is effectively and who is ineffective.

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Convenient & fast to track time

To use time-tracking, you can select the track time on the main interface of grid view. You can also track it right in the pop-up detail.

Highly appreciated by project managers

- Detailed tracking of work completion time.
- Estimated working time for employees.
- Easily calculate the cost of working time.
- Create multiple Sessions for complex jobs.
- Flexible customization from time to time.

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