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Custom Field - List

Allow users to list out a list, which can be priority, status,... of tasks. Easy operation, simple setting.

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Simple setting - friendly interface

You just need to go to custom fields, select the data to set, and change the type to list. Then you just need to add more items to the list as desired

Is multiple

Allows you to multi select

List Type - complicated

If the list type is simple, you can manually enter the elements in the list

And if the list type is changed to complicated, it will be attached to the table, and if you want to add elements to the list, you need to add it to the table first. You can multi chooses with this list type

Increase level of a Task

Increase level of a Task helps users and your workgroup understand the importance of Tasks. At the same time with Kanban View mode, tasks of different levels will be grouped differently, making it easy for managers to grasp.

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