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SEO checklist

There are a lot of steps, things, and tools that you will need to set up with SEO, especially when you are a beginner. Things could be difficult since you don't know where to begin with. Why don't you try to create your own SEO checklist?

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Let’s go through some features and see how this template can help you with SEO


This checklist is derived from The complete 51-point SEO checklist for 2020 by Tommy Griffith, which is the latest updated version and is said to be “a direct, straightforward process that will drive more traffic and more customers to your site as quickly as possible”. Therefore, this could be a good source of reference for you.


SEO Checklist


In the name column, there are main items and smaller sub-items, you can add more or delete them in compliance with your purposes.


In the attachment column, you can put an image, video, or audio, whichever you need to store to review.


In the checkbox, you can check or uncheck each item accordingly, and then re-use it every time you want to start a new project.


In the note column, problems or explanations will be added in a way that you and your team can understand and agree on a general process.


In the status column, you can change between Complete/ Doing/ Not Ready and get a better and general view of what you still need to do in the board view.


In the timeline column, you can set a period of time for yourself or the members to complete the task, which you can also easily follow using the calendar view.


Let’s try and experience it!

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