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Custom Fields

Custom Fields is one of the most important features to help users manage their project effectively, is to add more personal/optional features. Custom Fields can be considered as the types of columns to help you define the value of each for individual purposes.

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Custom Fields
Users can choose Custom Fields and easily customize and diversify their data by selecting from 10 supported field types.

Setting and choose

To set up the custom fields, you can access “Setting” and choose “Custom Fields”. Then, you can play with it on your own. Moreover, you can customize the field type at the same time. When you create a new “Field” (column), you can select the Field Type below. Currently, we support 10 types so that you can diversify your data.

Custom Fields feature in project management

Accurate and clear

The data fields, after being installed, will clearly and accurately show what project you are pursuing. You can easily manipulate the data on Grid View: convert - add - remove.

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