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Closed Status - Open Status

Users can choose to close completed tasks with the new capability of opening/closing a task's status, and when they do, they are grouped. It helps administrators and users quickly view which tasks are closed and which are open.

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Closed/open items
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Define status for your own tasks

UpDiagram offers many filters allowing users to freely adjust the angle of view, which may be a combination of My Assignments and Closed/Open Status, Due Assignments and Closed/Open Status, and so on.

Users can develop other filter combinations based on the basic filters provided by UpDiagram.

Close status

Statistics on completed/uncompleted assignments

The Closed/Open Status feature allows users to re-list closed and open jobs to avoid confusion.

The feature also aids in reducing the number of activities presented on the screen, allowing users to simply grasp the jobs they must accomplish.

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