Talkshow Event Management: How to run them fluently?
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Talkshow Event Management: How to run them fluently?

The Marketing department is responsible for running events. Particularly, they mainly organize the seminar and talk show to provide knowledge for audiences. Because of its complication, the marketers have to face lots of pressure from internal preparation to external communication. Besides that, Sponsors, Guest speakers, Schedule and Deadline of tasks are the works that an event marketer has to deal with every single day. For that pressure, a new trial with a project management tool is also a solution and that is also a chance of UpDiagram.
Talkshow Event Management: How to run them fluently?

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However, there were some problems and challenges that the organizers had to overcome. Initially, they had to list out the topics and decided speakers to be in charge of them. Generally, we could use Excel to type out the information but there was no connection between the speakers. In other words, the more topics, the more speakers to manage. In fact, it was very important to communicate and control the schedule of the speakers. Also, the speakers should keep track of their schedule themselves to work with the organizers effectively.


Basically, they could use communication tools to discuss their schedule but the other speakers could not follow up other’ ones by Excel and it was difficult for organizers if the speakers intend to actively book the talk show in the same day. Therefore, we decided to learn a new tool, UpDiagram, to help us solve the current issues.


To be honest, it took us an hour and a half to get used to UpDiagram. Luckily, UpDiagram supported us a lot during this time to facilitate our learning.


Grid View


Apparently, our management procedure is not working with the Excel due to poor specific feature for project management purpose. In the case, it would be ideal to be data-driven. UpDiagram can help us to follow all the process of every single talking event including topics, status, speakers, date, and other custom fields for further information. Excel can support all those things but the point that makes UpDiagram outstanding is Connection and Tagging.


From now, we are not the only one managing the event. Because the speakers or every member can be tagged by the owner of the project. When everyone has an account on UpDiagram, we can tag them directly to the project and they can follow up and interact with all members. This absolutely shortens the time and effort to organize the events as we used to do.


Let’s see How we do with UpDiagram.

First of all, we created a package named Talk Events Management. In there, we added all potential topics. Also, we created a form that all important information could be added easily on one screen via the “Custom fields”. Next, we added the members and speakers in the project. Everyone who is responsible for each event could update status and process directly on the tool. In addition, the speakers can book the topic they want to share and communicate with events’ organizers for further support in need.


The ability to track information in real time is believed to be the selling point. Instead of weekly or even daily report, we can pull, submit and confirm everything in one tool. We are also able to create the distinct packages for each purpose of the projects with the combination of “viewing, filtering and grouping functions”. If there is any changes or further requirement from speakers or future clients, everyone can pull events matching the standard in minutes.


On the road to development, we may have more than 1000 events in the future and we believe we can manage all things with UpDiagram. We also have more special cases in the future that may need more support from Updiagram to extend and enhance more personal features for our business. We do know other alternative tool but we are happy with Updigram now.

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